WeVoz is the platform of FREEDOM where thinking free from interference, obstacles or limitations is supported.
Freedom of thought does not mean the absence of rules, deemed necessary for compliance with the law and for the full enjoyment of the platform by the whole community.
The idea started from the consideration that with the advent of the internet, information has been transformed into interactive, that means generated by the same dialogue and verbal confrontation between users. For this to happen WeVoz offers a place that gives space and hospitality to these dynamics and where, as if to recall the ancient agora, the community can feel truly free to express itself.
We believe that digital information cannot be the prerogative of search engines or current social networks, places where too many decisions (filters) are taken in the user's place.
WeVoz relaunches the user's domain on their wishes, their will to inquire, their right to a free choice.
WeVoz presents itself as a new social network, different from all the others. A channel of freedom of information, comment and discussion, without restrictions.
Our priority is to allow a free and safe place for the expression of opinions, the conduct of verbal confrontation and debates.
In this delicate process, the community plays a fundamental role both in respecting the rules of civilization and debate, as well as for its contribution in protecting it.

It is important that the User understands our Community Rules and their role in ensuring the security of WeVoz with a shared responsibility.

Before using our services, it is required to read and accept the rules below, as well as the conditions and terms of service.

WeVoz, in addition to what is provided in its Terms and Conditions of the service under the heading "Limits to content", also does not allow content that:

This list is not exhaustive. Additionally, these policies apply to external links in content, including clickable URLs, or verbal addresses to other sites. Each user is invited to immediately contact the authority in charge of compliance with the law if they fear that someone is in imminent danger. Each User is invited to report content that violates these rules, via the contact form on the website or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Furthermore, each User is obliged during the publication of a content to indicate the type of content in order to guarantee the respect and sensitivity of others. Specifically, there are 3 categories of content sensitivity:

For the identification of the contents within the aforementioned categories, please refer to the current legislation, summarized here:

The categorization of a content, in any case, does not authorize the publication of prohibited and / or unauthorized content according to the law, the terms and conditions of service and / or these guidelines.